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John Casablancas Institute is world-renowned with a reputation for excellence. Our Make-up Artistry Program will jump start your career in stage, film/TV, fashion or bridal. You'll master everything from a "smokey eye" to a shotgun wound using special effects. Our Hair Art Design Program and its revolutionary AXIS System helps our cutting edge hair stylists and color technicians embark on a career with opportunities in London, Paris and New York -- working on clients from Jennifer Aniston to supermodel Giselle, in fast-paced and exciting industries such as film, TV, fashion and photography. With our Fashion Arts Program you'll become a sought-after stylist, a designer with your own clothing line, a buyer/sales rep for top stores,  a co-ordinator of extravagant fashion shows, a fashion writer/editor for top magazines, or using your creative flair to create visually exciting merchandising & displays. Maybe being a top nail technician, skin care consultant, body spa technician or spa manager/spa owner appeals to you. Our one of a kind Body Spa Program offers hands-on training. Real environment. Real clients.

JCI provides job-ready training and sets the standard in artistry and innovation. JCI's  award-winning instructors are internationally recognized for their artistic talents and have an exceptional network of contacts and resources in the marketplace.  Our learn-by-doing programs take you from cutting hair on a mannequin on day two to working on real clients by the sixth week, making you salon-ready in a short time. Glamour aside, our programs build skills in teamwork, time management, handling stress and pressure, and reaching goals in a very competitive market.

No wonder JCI wins numerous awards.  Each student is personally guided throughout the process, celebrating their uniqueness, creativity and overall potential. We are committed to the success of our students. We're told their professionalism, artistry and attitude surpass all others. 

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